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Crystal Reports 4.1

Schedule & email, print or output Crystal Reports
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Crystal Reports Distributor enables you to automate production and distribution of your Crystal Reports. It will send your Crystal Report as an email attachment, send it to a printer, send it to a fax or output it to a selected folder. Crystal Reports Distributor's unique intuitive interactive interface makes it an easy to use application. Your return on your investment is high and instant. Features include:
Schedule reports to run at a specific date and time or Hourly, Daily, Week Days, Weekly or Monthly. Or set up your own custom frequency calendars.
Export file formats include Microsoft Word, Rich Text (RTF), Excel, HTML, PDF, Text, RPT and lots more
Schedule reports to print to multiple printers (Bulk Printing)
The same report can be scheduled to be run multiple times with different parameters (discreet and ranges), formats, frequency and destinations.

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